AOI exists to take care of business. As Oregon's most comprehensive business advocacy association, Associated Oregon Industries is a powerful leadership tool for the Oregon business community.

AOI membership mirrors the make-up, size and location of Oregon's business community. Over 1,600 companies belong to AOI, with 80 percent of AOI members having fewer than 100 employees. Over 200,000 Oregonians are employed by AOI members. And, over 3,000 of their employees are engaged in the work of AOI.

These AOI members work on various task forces, policy councils and the Board of Directors to create a competitive Oregon that attracts quality private sector jobs for Oregonians through good government policy.

The AOI Policy Councils have a mission to keep AOI members informed, develop sound business policies, and improve Oregon's business climate. The primary councils include:

  • Education & Workforce Development
  • Employment Practices
  • Energy & Environment
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Health Care
  • Oregon Retail Council
  • Transportation & Distribution

AOI is also the driving force behind the top Oregon political action committee dedicated to supporting pro-business issues and legislative candidates that will change the political landscape in Oregon. Additionally, AOI convenes the Alliance of Oregon's Business Associations so industry sectors are able to stand together on important policy issues.

As a by-product of our work for Oregon businesses, AOI supports employers in the courtroom with amicus briefs and defense of the Oregon business community on important legal issues, such as protecting the employers' right to talk to employees about union organization. And, AOI reaches out to the working community with programs such as the Prosperity Project to help workers understand that their interests are linked to the success of their employers.

AOI also has a national perspective, since business issues don't stop at the Oregon border, as the Oregon affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), aligning the AOI Oregon Retail Council with the National Retail Federation and working closely with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on federal issues and those with national implications.

Members are able to get additional value with the AOI Endorsed Service Provider agreements. These are negotiated arrangements with firms that offer high quality programs, products and services exclusively to AOI members. A full list of offerings from health care, workers' compensation and property and casualty insurance to office supplies and translation services can be found at: If your company isn't a member, it's time to contact AOI. Add your energy, expertise and support to the other Oregon companies working to make a difference. AOI is on a mission to unify Oregon business.